Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dating and Job Hunting = Evil Twins?

I must admit, while I was in college I never thought searching for jobs would be so stressful. It's a game with highs and lows; It's almost like dating but a tad bit more stressful! You think I'm kidding? Let me break it down for you...

First, some things to keep in mind [in this story]... Your resume is equivalent to physical attractiveness; how much more talented you are than your resume says you are is equivalent to your personality.

Got it? Now, picture this...

You see a person of the opposite-sex that you think is attractive, you do your research and find that you could see yourself in something "long-term" with them, so you approach and introduce yourself; you declare your availability. Sound similar to the job hunt yet? Hold on it gets better! They hear of your interest and availability, and they... WAIT! And while you wait, you don't know if you should look elsewhere [just in case] or just wait because you really want THIS ONE, so as a sign of fidelity you wait... and wait... and wait! Then you get called in for an interview. Oops! I mean then you get to go out on a date. Dates are always fun right? You get to dress up, smell nice, and learn a little more about the one you're interested in! What could be better? [Fast forward] The date goes well and you realize that you're definitely interested! But then you learn that there are quite a few other people this person has dated this week and it might be a while before they make up their mind. Ouch! So you... WAIT [again].

Finally, you get a response and it is either REALLY happy news or really bad news. BUT... if you're like me then it will be... "I didn't even really want to date that person anyway" news. lol. Come on admit it, you've said that before!

Anyway, the two can be very similar, almost identical but if you ask me, I find job hunting to be a little more brutal than dating. So now that you've learned this, will it help step your game up a bit?

I do know one thing... If job hunting treats me as nice as dating has, I can look forward to a pretty decent job fairly soon. My "attractiveness" might only be fair but my "personality" is AMAZING! ;)

George Navarro

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